Five Reasons To Consider Micro Pigmentation for Your Hair Loss Problem

If you suffer from hair loss, you have most likely tried more than one method to deal with the problem, only to be disappointed. The good news is that there is a technique called scalp micro pigmentation that may be a solution to your hair loss. There are many advantages to this procedure. The following are only a few of them.

The process works

There are many shampoos or chemicals marketed for use on your scalp to grow hair. These methods seldom, if ever, work. But there are companies like Skalp that use a process known as micro pigmentation, which does work as long as you like the look of the finished product. The aesthetic appeal of this process has made many men happy, but in the end, you will be the judge of whether the look is right for you.

It is not a long process

Unlike a hair transplant that can take several months, micro pigmentation can be done in as little as a single session. It depends upon the extent of the pigmentation needed. In essence, small tattoos are created on your scalp that mimic the follicles of your hair. So the amount of time it takes to have this process done is similar to that of getting a tattoo.

The risk factors are minimal

There is a small risk of infection that is similar to that associated with getting a tattoo. But those risks are much lower than the potential risks from a hair transplant, which is surgery. There are many risk factors associated with a surgery. Some men cannot undergo a hair transplant due to certain medical conditions, but there are no such limitations with micro pigmentation.

It is not scam to get your money

Many of the claims made by companies for new hair growth are exaggerated or simply false. Micro pigmentation is a specialized area of cosmetics and is used for a wide range of beautification. It is not just for hair loss, so it is not the latest claim to cure baldness. It is a real solution for your hair loss problem.

This process can cover up blemishes

Because you are getting a tattoo, it is possible to cover up certain blemishes you may have on your scalp. In some cases, scar tissue on your head can be covered up. If you have already had a hair transplant with disappointing results, you may have scar tissue on the back of your head from where the hair was removed to transplant it to a balding area. Micro pigmentation may be the solution to covering up these scars.

Take your time to decide whether micro pigmentation is right for you. Every good technician will have a portfolio that you can browse to look at the results of the process.